Characteristics of people with hepatitis

Characteristics of people with hepatitis
Characteristics of people with hepatitis

Characteristics of people with hepatitis

The characteristics of people who are exposed to hepatitis are so many that not everyone knows about this virus. Hepatitis is an invisible virus so it is not easy for ordinary people to know what the hepatitis virus looks like. An invisible virus but can also be a dangerous virus for others. According to the response from the UK hepatitis comes from drinking – liquor.

Almost many people do not know that the hepatitis virus is very dangerous, so many leave it alone without any clear treatment. Symptoms suffered by hepatitis are almost the same as the symptoms of a common cold. Based on information, hepatitis has ongoing symptoms so that the virus continues to grow and gives many signs and symptoms of hepatitis.

 These symptoms include:

– Body temperature suddenly rises [ Statecriminalrecords ]

– Always feel muscle and joint pain in the back

– Always feeling unwell

– Have diarrhea

– No appetite

– Often feel pain in the stomach

– Black urine color

– Pale face

– Skin and eyes that turn yellow

– And feel itchy

From the symptoms mentioned above are common symptoms suffered by people with viral hepatitis. Various kinds of viral hepatitis can be said to be malignant or safe if the symptoms suffered are not severe. There are also those who have a virus that is already severe so that the symptoms suffered by hepatitis are not clearly visible.

recognize the symptoms of hepatitis//symptom

Symptoms of liver failure

When the virus enlarges then the liver function will not be able to work anymore so there will be new symptoms. The virus will turn into liver failure. Affected by liver failure, the symptoms can be clearly seen, such as: the skin turns yellow, and the eyes in the white area turn yellow, the feet will swell and the ankles will also enlarge.

Apart from the feet, skin color, and eyes there are also other symptoms, namely through a large sewer that turns black with the color of vomit also turning black. So for those who suffer from hepatitis, do not wait to become chronic because these symptoms are very difficult to cure. Symptoms for each version of hepatitis are very different.

Can be seen from hepatitis A.

A virus that will only transmit from food or drink. Not only through drinking and food, but also by having physical intercourse with a partner. Hepatitis A will make the liver infected and then will make the sufferer experience inflammation and swell.

Symptoms of hepatitis A:

– Dry throat

– Weight loss

– Always feeling tired

– Itching all over the body

– High fever

– Has yellow symptoms

– Very intense urine color

– Always feel muscle pain.

for hepatitis b

will be transmitted through the intermediary of people such as blood and mothers who gave birth and body fluids. The symptoms of hepatitis B will not be immediately known because the symptoms will appear for a very long time and the following are the symptoms:

– Nauseous

– Enlarged belly

– Pale color

– Always feeling tired

– Stomach ache and

– Joint and muscle pain

Characteristics of hepatitis C

No less interesting with hepatitis c. viruses that can be harmful or harmless. Symptoms that can be known such as:

– Easy to forget

– Can’t concentrate

– Always sore muscles and joints

– Anyang –anyangan

– Constant stomach pain

– Pale

– Easy to bleed

– Swollen

– Easy to stress